Cypress College

Student Loan

For all past present and future students at Cypress College this page has been set up as a resource for you to access information as well as help with managing your Alberta Student Loans and your Canada Student Loans.


You can contact any staff member at Cypress College as well to assist you.

This presentation summarizes the loan lifecycle and explains how Student Aid communicates with student loan borrowers who have Alberta student loans.

This link will direct you to the complete Student Loan Handbook and gives you from start to finish the details regarding your Student Loans.

If you need information to change the terms of your Student Loans use this link for assistance

If you are struggling to make your payments, or have found yourself at a reduced income use this link to access the repayment assistance plan. This is called the RAP program

This link will provide you with the information on the consequences of defaulting or not paying your student loans.

Why us?

The Cypress College advantage:

  • Funding Assistance
  • Instructor Led Training
  • Smaller Class Sizes
  • Hands-on Training
  • Flexible Schedules
  • Employment Skills Training
  • On-site Testing
  • Job Placement Services